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Every second buyer (in random order) of all our products leave positive feedback - receiving one of more than 40 different games to Steam. What? This you know, when you get your gift in the mail.
It can be activated in the "Steam".

For a gift you must:
1) Buy our game
2) to leave positive feedback with a comment "I want a gift," and specify it your E-mail
3) Expect.

Subscribe present case within 48 hours after writing a comment.
Warning !! Gambling Review - You warrant that you have read all the conditions for a gift, and if something is not clear - ask.

Russian Language
Platform: PC
Regional restrictions: Region free

CAUTION The key can not be activated on Steam and Origin.


Already twenty years have passed since then, as in the Sanctuary rampaged through hordes of undead, led by powerful demons - Diablo, Mephisto and Baal. But those who fought against the ancient evil, are still stored in the memory of the terrible events of those days ...

In search of knowledge that will help to overcome the new incarnation of evil, Deckard Cain returned to the ruins of the cathedral Tristramskogo. And then from heaven in flames, down herald the Apocalypse: blow fell on the very spot where once entered the world of Diablo. Heaven flames awakened an ancient evil. The hour has struck! The heroes of Sanctuary must rise again to protect the mortal world by the raging forces of the underworld.

- Explore the vast Sanctuary - a dark gothic world in Diablo III which gained three-dimensionality.
- Compete with the army fiend: offers five classes of characters - the magician, wizard, demon hunter, barbarian and monk.
- Obrushte monsters your anger and remember that in the battles you can use all sorts of handy tools, for example, to arrange the ingenious traps, throw enemies into different objects, hide their attacks for the trees.
- Play Diablo III with your friends! Thanks to the modernization platform multiplayer game became even more dynamic and richer, and the connection - more stable.deliveryThis product is distributed in the form of a photo, is a pin code only, and does not contain the packages and boxes. </ Delivery>

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- Enter key (
- After activating the key, you can redownload the game.

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05.02.2018 19:54:43
Все отлично! Хочу подарок
07.01.2018 16:25:46
Спасибо Вам огромное! Все пришло моментально!
23.12.2015 11:40:40
Всё отлично, Хочу Подарок
21.12.2015 18:15:57
Все еще работает, по прежнему хочу подарок,
21.12.2015 17:45:25
Все работает, хочу подарок,

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