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When removing a license from an old PC, the key can be transferred to a new PC, 1 PC code with the right to transfer from PC to PC and changing hardware. </ delivery> The license is not MSDN or Dreamspark, it´s a full-time FPP RETAIL license. attention> Dear buyers! We suggest you leave a positive feedback about our store after purchase and receive a gift, GIFTED GIFT for Office 365 Pro. HURRY THE QUANTITY OF GIFTS LIMITED! A gift is not included in the price and is given only for a tip! Delivery of the gift to you in the mail within 3 working days </ attention> Number of PCs: 1
License type - RETAIL The key is activated online (via the Internet) and by phone
Language: All languages
System Capacity: Any - x86 / x64 (32/64)
License validity period: Unlimited
Delivery: Immediately after payment.
Activation can be made from anywhere in the world. Activation from any country of the world!After payment, you will instantly receive Microsoft Product Key / Microsoft Image for download / Microsoft image capture utility </ delivery>attentionWarranty and support:
For all products we provide a lifetime warranty, those. support and help the client in any situation! </ attention> Description: A new version of the popular operating system from Microsoft is called Windows 10, although the previous major release was called Windows 8. The transition immediately to Windows 10 reflects the company´s desire to distance itself from the not so popular previous version.
This is why, as reported, the ninth version was missed: the transition from the eighth to the tenth one is meant to symbolize a huge step forward, toward targeting the Internet and mobile users. Microsoft has called Windows 10 "the most powerful platform in history." Presentation leader, Microsoft vice president of operating systems Terry Meyerson said that Windows 10 will be installed on a wider range of devices of different types compared to previous versions. These devices, according to the presented presentation, now include not only desktop PCs, laptops and tablets, but also smartphones and TVs.

You buy the official activation key for Windows 10 Professional (32/64). License RETAIL.
This is NOT an upgrade from a different version of Windows, but the original key is Windows 10 Professional RETAIL.

The electronic license key is delivered without any boxes, stickers, disks, etc ..
The electronic license key is supplied in the form of a text form (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX)
The license is not MSDN or DreamSpark, is a full perpetual license. Warranty Support RETAIL 100% manufacturer with the right to transfer to another PC

16.02.2018 13:39:30
Активировал без проблем, жду ключ Office 365 ) спасибо!
15.02.2018 22:32:59
13.02.2018 19:13:43
Ок, хочу офис.
09.02.2018 11:23:18
Отлично! Установилось и активировалось без проблем. Хочу подарок
04.02.2018 15:03:34
Все ок! Жду подарок!

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