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What should be the rotational speed (rev / min) n1 gears 1 to 3, the body moving with constant velocity v = 90 cm / sec, if the number of gear teeth z1 = 26, z2 = 78 and r = radius of the drum 10, see?
Right after the payment you will receive a link to a zip archive with the solution of the problem 8.4.10 (Chapter 2 - Kinematics, theme - 8.4: Transformation of the translational and rotational motion of the body in the mechanism) in theoretical mechanics from the collection of short tasks Kep OE YA.A . Viba, OP Grapis, JA Svetinysh et al. Publishing Moscow / Graduate School / 1989, 2009, 2012. Task completed in word format (handwritten or typed solution in Word) or in manuscript form in the format gif, packed to the archive zip (open on any PC) .After checking the solutions would be very grateful if you leave a positive review.

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