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Unlock your phone MTS Smart Start 2 is carried out by using a unique IMEI code NCK prepared specifically for your phone. The buyer receives a NCK code corresponding to its IMEI automatically, immediately after payment. Answer format contains the following information:

Unlock Code # 1: *******
Unlock Code # 2: *******

After I received the unlock code to your phone - he begins to work with SIM cards of any operator.

Supported phones:

Smart Start 2 MTS.


unlock code NCK - is a unique device for your set of numbers. Smart Start 2 distinctive feature - is the need to enter this code when unlocking the phone is powered. Thus, if you plan to use the Smart Start 2 with a SIM-card of another operator on a regular basis - write down your unlock code in an easily accessible place. Because if you turn off the phone power when downloading it will ask it you again.

Unlock manual

1. To get the unlock code you are required to tell us the IMEI number-two slot of your device. Phone IMEI can be found on a label under the battery or by typing on the phone a combination: * # 06 #.
2. The payment of the goods (if you make a payment through an external billing system and completing the payment you have a button "to go back to the seller," - do not forget to press it), after payment carefully enter the IMEI appeared in the form.
3. After sending the data entered by you - the unlock code first and second slot is displayed in the graph paid goods (if after payment of the goods you have not seen or accidentally missed the form to indicate the IMEI - click on the link in the letter of oplata.info, you get immediately after payment).
4. Insert a SIM card of another operator and enter the unlock code.
5. If you entered the code correctly, Smart Start 2 MTS immediately registered on the network operator, SIM card that you have installed.
6. Do not forget to leave a review about the purchased product!

immediate delivery
You get paid for your code, immediately after the payment, and enter the IMEI! Delivery to the buyer is carried out automatically, without human intervention!

Making the payment you agree to the terms of service!

Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will need to fill in the following fields:
- E-mail address (email);
- IMEI # 1;
- IMEI # 2;
These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of purchase and sale of goods.

17.11.2017 0:59:54
Вроде заработало,спасибо :)
30.06.2017 19:32:47
разблокировал. спасибо.
19.04.2017 13:05:54
30.12.2016 20:17:38
Смарт начал "хавать" другие симки, всё прошло удачно:))
27.12.2016 15:40:40
Единственно , что для для двух сим-очных смартфонов мтс смарт стврт , надо отдельную ссылку , а в целом смартфон сразу (с двумя сим-ками )запустился .Спасибо Всё здорово.

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