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After purchase, you will get a license immediately Minecraft premium account without a specific security question. That will allow you to go into the game as via the website and through the game launcher, never deal with a secret question, as well as the CHANGE SKIN.

Accounts type: Username: Password

Product benefits:

● skins
● You will never have to deal with a secret question
● Authorization through a website and through the game launcher
● Lots of beautiful nicknames!
Also, when buying you agree to the rules:
• The warranty on all of the accounts only at the time of sale. Claims are accepted within 30 minutes after payment of the goods.
• Change all data carries the buyer.
• Responsibility for the account rests solely with you.
• If you have forgotten your password or account by account has been suspended or banned, or restored, or broken already after purchase, such accounts are not subject to
replacement or cash refund.

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друг говорит что с ним паралелльно играет кто-то другой
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19.02.2018 15:20:00
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