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At the heart of the story Diablo has always been a classic theme: the world struggle between good and evil mortals, weak men who somehow managed to survive the chaos and suffering. In Diablo III, this story will be developed to a new level, and players will learn a lot of new about the Sanctuary, as previously mentioned only hints.


• Explore a huge fantasy world of Diablo, designed in the Gothic style and was first rendered in 3D.

• Fight the impure forces of hell with brand new characters, such as the Witch Doctor, or the classic characters of Diablo series, as the Barbarian.

• overthrows his enemies using the environment: put traps, use the destructible objects, terrain and obstacles, in order to crush your enemies, because it is now possible thanks to a new physical model of Havok.

• Feel dizzy multiplayer Diablo 3´s new - new version of with lots of innovations now allow to easily join your friends, because nothing brings, as the destruction of universal evil together.

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