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Sale personal account with a guarantee of one year, this personal account and I can confirm this - it´s okay because now sell on the Internet a lot of cheap stolen accounts to regain back home.
There are all the characters: Gunner 30lvl, Berserker 30lvl, tank 30lvl, Inquisitor 30lvl sister 30lvl fire, ice witch 27lvl.
Odyozhku: Gunner entire epic sharpened 20 5500 skill Berserker sharpened 15-20 without epics, epic tank half sharpened 15-20, Inquisitor ful epcheskoe including epic weapons sharpened very well to the maximum 5000+ skill and 14k x
half sister of Fire epic, enchanted medium, as Frost Witch´s epic 27 level has sharpened medium.
Minesweeper and Palladin from 20-25lvl dressed poorly and without sharpening.

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