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Waroverlay is a private cheat mod for WarThunder game.

Functions: 3d renderering of unit models, range to target, models names, aim markers with ballistic correction, aimbot, alternative bomb aim for planes. Cheat mod works fully on external renderering without any changes in game code. More info can be found on

Before buying anyone can try cheat for free, just register on cheat website download WarLoader from account cabinet and run it, in first hour of running from one PC are free trial period is avaliable.

By purchase this you buying code for prolongate waroverlay account subscription time, this code can be activated in your account cabinet on cheat website.
1. Works only on operation system Win7 and higher.
2. War Thunder must be runned in windowed mode (or full window mode).
3. War Thunder must be started in 32 bit mode.
For comfortable game its recommended to have at last 60 fps.
Also recommended to set "VSync" in game video settings.

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