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I welcome you, a lover of the game CS:GO.

This script will help you to easily win the round (game) when you´re left all alone.
This configuration is not a cheat you will by no means get VAC or patrol.

Instructions for use present in the archive.
• If you have any questions or problems with the purchased product - contact us by internal correspondence available in the paid product page in the "correspondence with the seller."
• If something would encourage you to use negative feedback for refund then that you will be able to achieve a place in the black list nothing more.

Please note that any claims left by a negative review but not through internal correspondence only tightened while solving the problem and all purchases will be automatically blocked for you.

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20.01.2018 16:23:26
Отличный конфиг
14.01.2018 13:03:42
20.10.2017 15:51:27
топ скрипт
19.09.2017 20:13:11
27.08.2017 13:02:53
Крутой скрипт

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