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Great pumped account World of tanks.
The contents of the account:
1. 45,000 fighting; 2. Ratio 56.55%; 3. Personal ryting 9465; 4. Efficiency 1573; 5. WN8 2450; 6 1.200 000 silver; 7. Fluent experience 50 000; 8 Golda 300
Technology at a premium account:
Heavy tanks: LOWE; T-34; FCM 50t; WZ-111; FV201 (A45); Churchill III.
Srelnie tanks: FV4202.
PT-ACS: £ 25; T28 Concept.
Light tanks: BT-7 Artillery; Tod III; L-60.

Tanks pumpable development branches in the hangar tops:
T 62-A; T110E5; Grille 15; Bat.-chatillon.
8 eq. IS3; 9 Ur. Skoda T 50.

Open tanks pumpable branches of up to 10 ur. :
1. The Soviet Union: Ob.263; Ob.140; Ob.261; IS-7; IS4; A-T62; OB.704.
2 Germany: Gw. Tiger; Grille 15; Jg. Pz E100; Vk. 4502B; Maus; E100; E50m.
3. USA: T110E5; T110E4; T57 Heavy; M53 / M55; M46 Patton; T28.
4. Foch 9 ur .; Batchatalion 25t; Batchat AMX 155-58 50 120.
5.Velikobritaniya: Centurion X; PV 215B 183; FV215B; Conway; Konkyueror HS.
6. Czechoslovakia: TVP T50 / 51;
7. China 121; 113.
8. Japan STB-1.

Personal cash account:
+ 50% additional experience for the fight 1:00 37 pcs.
+ 200% crew Experience 1:00 37sht.
+ 200% additional free experience for fighting 1:00 23 leads.

With such a premium set of equipment on account of problems with the purchase of any of the open tops will not wait long.
Tank in the hangar have good mnogoperkovye crews.
After purchase you will receive a unique code system after checking it, I convey to you the login and password as well as the mail from the account of the game.


1. The site provides you with a unique code immediately after the payment after checking the code is the account transfer.
2. The password for the account to recover a password recovery feature on the site:
3. Accounts 100% non-binding phone. Snapping at the post is not about replacing.
4. All operations for changing data carries the buyer. Methods of data change, we do not provide.
5. We are not responsible for your actions. Can you change your password / resell / give to a friend / computer for viruses
6. No Return.
7. Claims only providing video purchases and entering data into account.
(Recommended programs: for the record -

If you do not agree with at least one of the items, please refrain from purchasing. Thank you!

Please do not leave a review "BAD" to solve the problem, but simply write a message in the form of correspondence with the seller.
I answer quickly enough guarantee a response within 24 hours after payment.

It is not recommended in the first 2 weeks to contact the Wargaming technical support on any issue, whether it´s a tank recovery and so on.
Maintenance replaced may suspect the account owner, and it is prohibited user agreement.
From the User Agreement Wargaming:
"5. The user following actions are prohibited:
Use Account (game account) of another person, as well as alienate or otherwise transfer his or acquire, including through sharing or receiving a gift, an account (game account) of another person. "
Shop is not responsible for the actions of Wargaming.
Additional Information

Attention! IMPORTANT! The rule, mandatory for all:
To avoid misunderstandings, be sure to record the video. (Terms and Conditions. P.7)
Videos must begin to pay for the video should be seen system time on your computer.
Complaint to the buyer is not a valid account will be considered only if the above video.
Otherwise, store reserves the right to refuse to grant the buyer a replacement.

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