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The world lies in ruins, exhausted, bloodied, wounded and scorched, and people give themselves up to despair. But even after the apocalypse there are those who are ready to give everything for the sake of returning to light, knowledge and civilization. At any cost and by any means ...
This is the age of the few chosen, the age of greatness, when the first true kings created huge kingdoms on the ashes of the departed empires ... This is the Age of Charlemagne.
768 year E. After the death of his father, Charles the Great is to share the throne of Frankish with his brother. Such a situation does not suit the person of his views at all, and their relationship is clouded more and more as he feels the hot blood of his grandfather, Carla Martella, bubbling in his veins.
On the continent, tired of conflicts, there are many friends, enemies and opportunities, and people crave peace. Karl the Great finds himself in power in an age of education, religion and wars and perceives them as a means of uniting, stabilizing ... and expanding.
Saxons, Saracens and Vikings will somehow have to respond to the ambitions of such a person.
To succeed at all, will require cunning, charm, intellect and ruthlessness.
Charlemagne, King of the Franks, father of Europe.
Will you succeed in following this image, or will your king be completely different?

15.01.2018 11:18:27
23.12.2017 1:47:48
все окей
23.12.2017 1:47:07
получил, только очень много раз транзакция не получалась, пол часа пытался оплатить
17.12.2017 13:20:41
Ключ получил сразу же после оплаты, все отлично
22.11.2017 15:02:51
все отлично, спасибо.

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